Minime unlocks an enormous potential in CBT by bringing flexibility to self-monitoring logs and psycho-education while digitally documenting the whole therapy process.

Self-observation exercises are the central component of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Patients are instructed to document their experiences in everyday life by filling in paper-based templates to identify, reflect and change reaction patterns. However, paper protocols are school-like, complex and highly inconvenient in a digitalized world. Accelerated through the pandemic, more and more sessions take place online. Thus therapeutic homework is often neglected by patients and also by therapists – An enormous potential in therapy currently remains unused.


Minime is developing a smart therapy companion app for patients and therapists in ambulatory and hospital settings. Once a patient starts therapy, the therapist enables access to suitable self-observation exercises and educational material for the patient to work on autonomously between the sessions. Results will be discussed with the therapist in the next session. Therefore, Minime integrates behavioral therapy homework, such as self-observation logs, seamlessly into a holistic therapy experience, as an additional tool throughout all stages of therapy. Minime can be used for all forms of mental diseases.