Karis Digital

Karis Digital

We aim to integrate arts, science and emerging technologies into a unique treatment option for people with ADHD.

Most guidelines for ADHD treatment are only aimed at young boys and address mainly cognitive issues such as lack of focus. While this kind of support is still needed, the existing solutions only address a subset of the issues related to this disorder. There are many emotional impairments associated with ADHD that without the proper treatment can easily lead to anxiety and depression. This is the case for two-thirds of patients today, who need a more holistic solution that helps them address both cognitive and emotional traits.


We are proposing a Virtual Reality game that uses art and cognitive therapy techniques to train healthy habits in users with ADHD, allowing them to explore their creativity in a safe 3D environment. The emotional responses elicited by our game coupled with eye-tracking biomarkers will not only strengthen focus but also monitor and adjust to users’ associated mood disorders (e.g. level of emotional dysregulation) — additional challenges commonly disregarded in ADHD profiles. This novel solution allows for a more comprehensive, data-driven, and personalized treatment option.


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