Our structured program approach will guide you through the key phases of product development and go-to-market launch. Supported by an exclusive partner network, we will give you access to coaching and mentoring with experts in healthcare, business, tech and innovation.


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Program Elements & Key Topics

Group Workshops

Collect know-how with masterclasses & hands-on applications

Team Coaching

Receive advice and get the job done with the help of coaches


Get privileged support of experts and professionals

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Join 'get-together' events, festivals with partners and meetups


Design Thinking - Value Proposition - Business Model - Prototyping - Lean Startup - Agile Methods


Product Roadmap - Product Development - Data Analytics - Tech Assessment - SCRUM - UX Design


Healthcare System - Digital Care Act - Certifications - Clinical Studies - Medical Business Regulations

Business & Marketing

Pitch Coaching - Business Strategy - Product-Market-Fit - Fundraising Strategy - Legal - Marketing

We support you for 9 months

Phase 1: Shape Your Product and Business Concept

Month 1 - 3

This phase focuses on the design process and establishing clarity surrounding the problem you are seeking to solve and setting up the necessary foundation to move forward with the final architecture of the product.
Key topics: product design, user discovery, business modelling, team foundation, understanding the German healthcare market, regulatory affairs, corporate & IP law, pitch.

Phase 2: Develop and Test Your Next Product Version

Month 4 - 6

With a primary focus on developing and testing the MVP, this phase is marked by achieving deeper understanding of the processes and technical requirements relevant to bringing the product to life.
Key topics: product management, software basics, data security, UX/UI design, deep-dives into the healthcare business, clinical evaluation, marketing, deep dive into regulatory affairs.

Phase 3: Think Business and Prepare for the After Program

Month 7 - 9

In having a validated MVP, the objectives within this phase include creating market traction and visibility, building a strong financial and business plan and having a strategy following the completion of the Vision Health Pioneers Incubator program.
Key topics: fundraising strategy, financial plan, investor strategy, deep dives into business planning, sales and business development, HR, deep dives into regulatory affairs and clinical evaluation.

Impressions from our Trainings


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