Unwinding in Berlin: Cohort 6’s Favourite Techniques and Spots

Unwinding in Berlin: Cohort 6’s Favourite Techniques and Spots

As entrepreneurs, we often find ourselves glued to our screens, racing against deadlines, and pushing our boundaries. But to keep our mental health in check and stay resilient, it’s vital to find time to unwind. This month, our Vision Health Pioneers Incubator team members share their favorite ways to relax and the best spots in Berlin to do so.

Techniques to Wind Down


  1. Meditation and Cooking
    Meditation helps clear the mind, while cooking offers a creative and satisfying escape from the daily grind. Both activities provide a much-needed mental reset.

  2. Getting Outside
    With so much time spent at the computer, stepping outside and moving our bodies is essential. Whether it’s a brisk walk in the park or a gym session, physical activity helps us feel recharged.

  3. Netflix and Chill
    Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a Netflix binge to relax. Escaping into different worlds without having to think too much can be incredibly refreshing.

  4. Family Time
    Spending time with family brings us back to earth and fills us with joy. It’s a wonderful way to reconnect and find balance amidst the hustle.

  5. Sports and Socializing
    Engaging in sports a few times a week keeps us fit and provides a mental break. Meeting friends and socializing is crucial for maintaining a healthy, balanced life.

Favorite Places in Berlin to Unwind

  • Klunkerkranich
    Klunkerkranich established itself over the last 10 years as a cultural space within the vibrant district of Berlin-Neukölln. Located atop the roof of the parking lot of a big shopping mall, the „cultural rooftop garden“ developed quickly into one of the hotspot for the cities vast club- & subculture. Besides chilling within the beautiful outside areas, with an stunning view over Berlin, people come to party in the cozy inside-dancefloors with an uncanny vibe. Klunkerkranich provides a platform for a diverse programming of concerts, performances, club-nights, DJ-Sessions and more.
  • Tiergarten
    One of Berlin’s most famous parks, Tiergarten is an expansive green space perfect for long walks, picnics, and simply enjoying nature.
  • Volkspark Friedrichshain
    This popular park has plenty of open space for outdoor activities, whether it’s jogging, reading a book, or having a picnic.
  • Weißensee
    This serene lake provides a peaceful retreat within the city. It’s great for a leisurely walk, a swim, or just sitting by the water and relaxing.
  • Cafés on Rotation
    Berlin is known for its vibrant café culture. Exploring different cafes around the city, enjoying a good coffee, and soaking in the unique vibes each place offers is a favorite pastime.
  • Badeschiff
    An iconic floating pool on the River Spree, Badeschiff offers a unique place to swim and relax with stunning views of the city. It’s an ideal spot to cool off and unwind.

Don’t Hold Stress Back—Start Talking

One of the most important aspects of maintaining mental health is open communication. Don’t hold any stress back. Start talking to your peers, fellow founders, and mentors. Sharing your experiences and challenges can provide relief and new perspectives, and it helps build a supportive community around you.

Taking time to unwind and recharge isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity for maintaining our mental health and resilience. We encourage you to explore these techniques and places, and find what works best for you. Let’s continue to support each other in our journey towards a balanced and fulfilling entrepreneurial life.