Let's Innovate Healthcare Together!

'Vision Health Pioneers' is a startup incubator based in Berlin connecting and educating innovators in healthcare in Europe.

In our 9-month program, we support entrepreneurs with training, free coworking space, access to technology, business opportunities and equity-free funding of up to 72,000 Euro per team.

Application for Batch 1 is closed! 
 Stay tuned for Batch 2 in November 2020.


Training & Coaching

You will receive training and coaching on essential startup and medical topics in order to learn how to validate your idea, build a strong product and commercialise it. Be prepared for intense bootcamps, workshops, masterclasses and mentoring.

Financial Support

We know you can't live on creativity and inspiration alone. To cover your basic living costs, we will support each team member with a stipend of €2,000 per month — up to €72,000 per team, if 4 team members join.
And yes, we do not take equity in your startup.

Our Network

You need access to healthcare influencers in Berlin?
Our community is full of smart healthcare specialists, medical professionals and experienced entrepreneurs eager to help you.
Investors and tech enablers are also available, as well as legal experts.

Access to Testing Fields

You need access to hospitals, patients, decision-makers or health insurance companies to test your product and receive feedback? We are happy to help! Our partners are open for collaboration and eager to support innovative ideas.

Access to Technology

If you need technical support, we gladly connect you with our
tech partners. The experts at Fraunhofer and DFKI can help you find the right technology stack or provide access to existing technology.
If you want to develop your own tech, feel free to do so!

Free Coworking

On top of the funding, you will also have access to our coworking space located in the heart of Berlin, in close vicinity to the most important healthcare organisations such as Charité or the Federal Ministry of Health. We have space for 20 entrepreneurs.

International Outreach

Healthcare goes beyond frontiers, so let’s leverage it.
Benefit from our international ecosystem in Europe, the USA and Asia
and meet global influencers and tech experts to broaden your business opportunities.

Active Community

Our coworking space is more than a working area! You will also be part of an active community, as we will organize meetups, peer-to-peer breakfasts to get together and exchange on experiences, as well as visits to conferences and external events. We like big families.

Our Cohort #1 is up and running...









Our Partners

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