Vision Health Pioneers Incubator is a Berlin based early-stage startup program that supports first-time founders in healthcare.


In our 10-month program, we support entrepreneurs with training, free coworking space, business opportunities and equity-free scholarship funding of up to 80,000 Euro per team.


Watch the five startups present, get excited by futurist Cecilia Tham’s keynote on the Future Of Healthcare and enjoy moderation from the one and only Justin Halsall.


Training & Coaching

You will receive training and coaching on essential startup and medical topics in order to learn how to validate your idea and turn it into a healthcare business.

Financial Support

We know you can't live on creativity alone. We will support each team member with a scholarship of €2,000 per month — up to €80,000 per team, if 4 team members join.

Our Network

Our community of healthcare specialists and medical professionals who are eager to help you. As well as investors and entrepreneurs who can support.

Access to Testing Fields

Our partners can support you with access to hospitals, patients, decision-makers and health insurance companies to test your product and receive feedback.

Free Coworking

Our Unicorn Coworking space is located in the centre of Berlin and comes with an in-house barista! With space for 40 entrepreneurs and our Incubator team.

International Outreach

Healthcare goes beyond frontiers, so let’s leverage it. Benefit from our international ecosystem and meet global influencers to broaden your business opportunities.




The 2022-2023 program is funded by the European Union as part of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Next in our mini-series, ‘Human or Technology’ is SensiVR Founder Katarzyna Koba. We have been asking our startups to share what humans or technology has inspired them and their early-stage companies. With our Demo Day 2023 entitled ‘Health. Human. Tech’, it is centred around the role......

In a short mini-series we have been asking our startups who present at Demo Day 2023 about which humans or technology has inspired them along their journey.  Today we discuss what inspired Alekhya Narravula to found GeneLinx, with a goal to educate and enable individuals......

Blended Support, who provide fast and effective support for those suffering from trauma, are presenting at Health. Human. Tech. Demo Day 2023! We interviewed Adrian Rauwald, Founder of Blended Support for his views on ‘Human or Technology’. This is the mini-series where we have been......