The Vision Health Pioneers Incubator

Vision Health Pioneers Incubator offers a 9-month startup program that supports first-time founders from Europe in launching their healthcare startups.


Teams that enter our Berlin-based startup program benefit from coaching sessions with experts in various disciplines, mentoring from professionals who are leaders in their field of expertise, introduced to our network and access our free co-working space at The Drivery. We also support teams with equity-free, non-refundable scholarship funding of up to a total of 20,000 euros per person. So your team, of up to 4 team members could win 80,000 euros!


Our next cohort starts in July 2024. Applications for cohort 7 are now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied!

Looking for a cofounder or a new team member? Share your contact details here to join our Slack Matchmaking group and connect with potential partners.

Our Application Process

Vision Health Pioneers is an incubator that supports first-time founders in gaining entrepreneurial know-how, building a strong network, and launching their product idea in Germany. 


Learn about our Incubator

Learn about our program. Check out our eligibility criteria.

Prepare your Application

Check out our application form, prepare your answers and submit your materials.

A Quick Eligibility check

If you are eligible and your idea inspires us, we will invite you to the first step of the selection process.


In these online sessions, ask the incubator team anything you need to know to determine if you can start your startup journey with our Healthcare Incubator in Berlin. The next AMA session is on March 20!

Get Evaluated by Experts

Experts from our partner organisations and healthcare influencers will evaluate your application.

Convince the Incubator Team!

If you are shortlisted, we will invite you to an interview to get to know each other better.

For Further Information, Reach Out To Us or Visit FAQ Page


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Head of Incubation Program