Kseniia Choni,
Head of Incubation

Kseniia Choni

Head of Incubation, Startup Colors UG


My professional background lies in management and business, with a dedicated focus on supporting startups for over a decade. Originating from Ukraine, I initiated the development of the Ukrainian ecosystem for clean tech and green startups. However, my journey evolved when I transitioned into the health tech sector. I relocated to Munich where I joined the European EIT Health. There, I assumed various roles, culminating in my latest position, where I concentrated on designing programs and investment instruments to facilitate the growth of digital health, MedTech, and diagnostic startups. These initiatives aimed to support these startups in navigating the complexities of bringing their products and services to market. One such initiative was Start-up Amplifier, which resulted in a total investment of €27 million across 9 start-up-led projects. Additionally, I played a key role in orchestrating the ‘COVID-19 Rapid Response’ funding program, which allocated €7 million to short-term projects aimed at combating the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.


I later ventured into entrepreneurship by joining a venture builder in 2022, fueled by my dream to establish a company in the health and deep tech spaces. Collaborating with several co-founders, we engaged in the rigorous process of ideation, idea testing, and validation. Although it didn’t culminate in the establishment of my own company, it provided a valuable and insightful experience, allowing me to explore various co-founding relationships and work within diverse teams.

Later as a freelancer, I helped launch a venture-building program for innovators in Ukraine called Mission Possible. The program is industry-agnostic: We currently have 20 active participants working across diverse spaces, encompassing clean tech, health tech, agri tech, creative industries, food tech, and more.


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