Announcing our new Head of Incubation Program, Kseniia!

Announcing our new Head of Incubation Program, Kseniia!

Great news! We’re excited to announce our latest addition to the Vision Health Pioneers Team, our Head of Incubation Program, Kseniia Choni! With a wealth of experience in program management for health tech startups and a track record in developing startup support initiatives, we believe Kseniia will help take our cohorts to new heights. 

Welcome Kseniia!

Read on if you’d like to learn more about her. In a short interview, we dive deeper into her professional journey, her drive to work with people and develop talents, and how she seeks to make a unique contribution to the incubator!  

Could you tell us about your professional journey? 

“My professional background lies in management and business, with a dedicated focus on supporting startups for over a decade. Originating from Ukraine, I initiated the development of the Ukrainian ecosystem for clean tech and green startups. However, my journey evolved when I transitioned into the health tech sector. I relocated to Munich where I joined the European EIT Health. There, I assumed various roles, culminating in my latest position, where I concentrated on designing programs and investment instruments to facilitate the growth of digital health, MedTech, and diagnostic startups. These initiatives aimed to support these startups in navigating the complexities of bringing their products and services to market. One such initiative was Start-up Amplifier, which resulted in a total investment of €27 million across 9 start-up-led projects. Additionally, I played a key role in orchestrating the ‘COVID-19 Rapid Response’ funding program, which allocated €7 million to short-term projects aimed at combating the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I later ventured into entrepreneurship by joining a venture builder in 2022, fueled by my dream to establish a company in the health and deep tech spaces. Collaborating with several co-founders, we engaged in the rigorous process of ideation, idea testing, and validation. Although it didn’t culminate in the establishment of my own company, it provided a valuable and insightful experience, allowing me to explore various co-founding relationships and work within diverse teams. 

Later as a freelancer, I helped launch a venture-building program for innovators in Ukraine called Mission Possible. The program is industry-agnostic: We currently have 20 active participants working across diverse spaces, encompassing clean tech, health tech, agri tech, creative industries, food tech, and more.”

What is it that drives you? 

“I’ve always wanted to work on things that are impactful and meaningful, that also benefit people and society. I have a deeply rooted passion for personal development:I really love working with people and developing talents, growing myself, and witnessing the growth in others. I’m driven by excellence, developing things that are high-quality, sustainable, and built to last. 

What attracted me to Vision Health Pioneers Incubator is a reflection of this. I’m eager to work very closely with startup teams, to have a direct impact, and provide them with valuable support. I’m excited to tap into the Incubator’s great network and get to know the innovators in the Berlin healthcare ecosystem.”

What are your first impressions of the cohort, and how do you seek to contribute to the incubator? 

“While I’m still getting to know the cohort, what I’ve already noticed and really appreciate is how open the teams are to learning and the excitement they radiate. The teams have different levels of maturity, but all of them are driven to make a difference in patients’ lives. 

I am eager to support the teams and assist them in shaping the program to align with their unique needs, offering a comprehensive 360-degree perspective on the intricacies of building and launching projects in the health tech space.

Anticipating the upcoming edition of the program, I am genuinely excited. Having taken a sneak peek into some of the pre-applicants, I believe it will be fascinating to witness and be a part of the innovative projects and developments that will unfold.”