Breaz’s mission is to detect breathing diseases early to avoid the devastating consequences of late diagnosis.

Chronic respiratory diseases affect over 1 in 10 people globally with COPD being the most lethal: it is the third leading cause of death (behind only heart disease and stroke). A huge problem is a massive underdiagnosis (75% in Europe). The current methods to detect COPD early are clearly not working. Since COPD progresses slowly over a patient’s lifetime, many are unaware of it until it is in the latter stages when symptoms become obvious. Sadly, at this point, there is not much that can be done to improve the quality of life or outcome for the patient. COPD at this stage can cause severe disability and frequent hospitalisations.


Our solution is a Class IIa medical device for use within a primary care setting to detect and monitor COPD. It is specifically designed for screening and severity grading of COPD in the demanding primary care environment. It is fast (taking less than 2 minutes) and intuitive for patients and clinicians. The results are presented to the clinician in a way that is quick and easy to understand while providing powerful information. Our technology is designed to work in a variety of primary care environments and fits into existing workflows, allowing any patient to be quickly screened for COPD during a general primary care consultation. This means more people can get diagnosed at the early stages of the disease and get the care they need.


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