The smart way to manage your healthcare journey.

Healthcare patients are not prepared financially and mentally for their specific healthcare treatments such as dental, eye care or surgeries. They often do not have a clear understanding of their treatment plan or how it will be financed. Meanwhile, physicians struggle with their business acumen, time commitment and bureaucracy of managing their client’s long-term treatments. For instance calculating profitability, making patient plans, motivating and informing clients of appointments and regulating payments. DrPlan is a HealthTech / FinTech easy-to-follow platform aimed at reducing these financial and administrative problems for both physicians and patients. No more selling. No more calculating. Only care.

Demo Day 2023


The time it takes for dentist’s to explain details to every patient can be very expensive for everyone involved. DrPlan want to change this. Aleksandra Deżakowska recently took to the stage at #HealthHumanTechto showcase their financial management SaaS company that helps patients, dentists and dental clinics successfully manage the patient’s journey. DrPlan allows dentists to focus on treatment rather than calculating costs and also ensures patients stay on their treatment journey, rather than dropping out before it finishes.


Watch their pitch below: