Presenting the Vision Health Pioneers Incubator Magazine!

Vision Health Pioneers Incubator Magazine 2021

Presenting the Vision Health Pioneers Incubator Magazine!

We are delighted to present our new magazine ‘The Journey So Far…” which showcases exactly what it says, the journey of Vision Health Pioneers Incubator since the idea first began in 2019! Readers can discover this journey in a special ‘Milestones’ section which highlights some of the amazing feats our startups and the incubator achieved.

As the name of the magazine suggests, the journey is far from over but so much has been completed that we wanted to share what has happened in 2020 and 2021. Within these pages we present over 40 entrepreneurs across 13 teams who have been supported in our incubator in Berlin. Many more will go through the program in 2022 and 2023.

In the magazine we share the stories of all the exciting startups who have been joining us and received training from our inspiring mentors and coaches. The success of Vision Health Pioneers Incubator isn’t possible without our network of over 150 healthcare partner experts. Whilst we couldn’t include them all in the magazine, we have highlighted a handful who are fine examples of what activity takes place through strong collaboration. Our huge thanks to all our mentors, coaches and partners for the thrilling time so far.

Within the startup stories, readers can discover more about what drives the entrepreneurs, what they are doing to improve the healthcare system and often what they enjoy most about the program.

Overall we showcase Berlin, long the capital of entrepreneurs, and we interview the Berlin Senate who make this all possible alongside the European Social Fund (ESF) and European Union.

We strive to continue to connect healthcare innovators from all over Europe. Enjoy flicking through our magazine:


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