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Quantum remote charging solution for the active implantable devices.

TechNovator health invented an absolutely new method of energy transfer based on energy quantization, a principle first put forward by Max Planck in 1901 and Max Planck postulated that energy was quantized and could be emitted or absorbed by small unit of energy known as quantum and we mastered such a principle. TechNovator technology is able to charge low, medium and high power devices at a distance up to 0,5m with high efficiency up to 95% without cables. Quantum charging technology is able to prolong battery life and charge in the human body. We are going to bring our technology to the active implantable devices. Patients will avoid repeated surgeries and associated risks.

Demo Day 2023 


Ruslana Dovzhy presented TechNovator at #HealthHumanTech Demo Day 2023 and explained how their form of energy transfer could be used to charge implantable devices. “Our technology uses a massive amount of energy transfer through energy quantization. We know that this is very complex. So we find it best to compare what we do with that of something most people are familiar with, such as the sharing of information.” These are the words of Ruslana as she begins to explain how the technology behind TechNovator works. She continues, “Imagine you have a huge amount of information and you need to send it to someone. You compress the information with a special program and then send it. We apply something similar to energy.”


Watch their pitch below: