Enabling at-home testing as a service for healthcare providers

Managing the entire process end-to-end, Physikit allows healthcare providers to offer bio sample analysis from the comfort of their patients’ homes. We provide testing infrastructure powering health journeys of the future and remove the obstacles among the way.

Demo Day 2022


Kilian Martin presented Physikit at Demo Day 2022. He shared the fact that 70% of all clinical diagnosis involve taking biosamples. “However if you look at how it’s being done today, it is not very optimal. Neither for the patient nor for the provider. For patients it’s very difficult to get an appointment and commute to physical locations. For providers, it’s a complicated process. Working with laboratories ultimately gives them less time with the patients.” With this in mind, Kilian showcased why Physikit is the solution to these problems. Physikit were introduced by coach Susanne Feldt, a qualified and experienced Product Designer (UX/UI) and Design Thinker who specializes in digital user experience for e-Health applications.


Watch their pitch below: