Alma wants to revolutionise how female intimate health is tackled in society through innovative products that combine technology with education.

Vaginal infections affect over 1 billion females worldwide every year, leading to a lower quality of life, and increased risks of STIs, miscarriage and infertility. Currently, females struggle to seek medical help due to social taboos and lack of awareness. Whenever a female suspects an infection, there is neither a one-stop educational platform where she can access support and medical recommendations nor a quantitative, non-invasive test that they can do at home.


Alma’s holistic solution, combining a bespoke educational platform with wearable biosensing technology, equips females with the tools to understand vaginal infections from the comfort of their homes. Our first product is smart underwear that quantifies vaginal pH levels non-invasively, a key indicator of vaginal infections. The data is complemented with a medical questionnaire via an app to determine the type of infection. Also through the app, females will have access to tailored educational material, a community of females experiencing similar conditions and medical professionals.