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aidable supports relatives of people suffering from eating disorders

The three founders all have a personal connection to eating disorders. Studies show that the parents of those affected need to be involved and supported for long-term recovery. Therefore, they have developed an online course that enables parents to react supportively in challenging situations and to protect their own mental health.

Demo Day 2022


aidable presented their solution at the Vision Health Pioneers Incubator Demo Day 2022. “Why can’t you just eat normally?” was the opening question speaker Anne Reisig started with during their pitch. With a personal story behind the startup, Co-Founder Anne shared the stats that led to their creation of aidable. “Why didn’t you just go to therapy? I did. But whilst therapy lasts six months, eating disorders take about six years.” With an introduction by Vision Health Pioneers Incubator coach Johannes Starlinger, a certified specialist for Medical Software regarding regulatory requirements for software as a medical device, the team delivered an impressive presentation from the point of view of a former sufferer.


Watch their pitch below: