Human or Technology – Noah Therapies

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Human or Technology – Noah Therapies

Big News! Joining us on Tuesday March 28, 2023 for our Demo Day is Noah Therapies. The startup from our fourth cohort will also take to the stage and present their solution. Entitled ‘Health. Human. Tech’ this Demo Day for 2023 is centred around the role the teams play at the intersection of humans and technology. In a short mini-series, we have asked the startups to share their inspiration for their early-stage companies and what humans or technology has inspired them. Kai Berner, Co-Founder of Noah Therapies shares insights into modern biomedicine.
We are inspired by technology that serves humans. Apple is a great example for that, but in general, digital tools like smartphones and wearables will play a crucial role in the transformation of the healthcare space.
For us it is not about using a certain technology, but asking ourselves how a technology can transform processes and influence the way we think about medicine and healthcare.
The modern biomedicine we practice today was born in the industrial age and follows similar processes and workflows. In the future our approach to Medicine and Healthcare will be more multi-factorial, more personalized and hopefully much more integrative.
Our mission as healthcare startups is to not “to digitize”, but to shape a meaningful transformation in Medicine that ultimately serves the patients and improves our health. Keeping that in mind helps us to navigate our journey and always follow our big vision.

Medicine is going through a paradigm shift 

Our vision behind this shift is to realize New Health. For us, New Health is the logical continuation of a millennia-old wisdom of holistic care combined with the insights of biomedical science and the possibilities of modern data analytics: Understanding the human body and mind as a complex, holistic system made up of trillions of interacting variables.
Smartphones and wearables today are the microscope of the 21st century. Digital tools once again give us the opportunity to extend the boundaries of what we are able to measure and observe.

Watch Noah Therapies present at the upcoming virtual Demo Day 2023! Join us:

🗓️ Tuesday, March 28, 2023
⏰16:00 CET