Alexandra Gloor

Alexandra Gloor - Coach /Mediator /Legal Advisor/Lecturer

Alexandra Gloor

Coach /Mediator /Legal Advisor /Lecturer

Member of the Board of Directors at Raiffeisenbank Werdenberg

Alexandra Gloor has 15 years of experience as a coach and trainer in national and international companies, startup ecosystems and Universities of Applied Science and Universities in the field of leadership, decision-making, communication and conflict management. Alexandra is also a DNLA consultant for personal development in individual, team and company evaluation.


Alexandra supports experienced leaders in taking over new/additional leadership roles in a fast moving and challenging environment and guide young leaders in positioning themselves, in focusing on their most relevant tasks and to find solid ground.


“Clarity is the cornerstone of good decision-making. Only those who have sovereignty over their doing and their needs, can fully realize their potential. By realizing this potential, individuals and organizations can navigate more successfully through their tasks, challenges and changes.”