Batch 1, let’s get set for your startup journey!

Batch 1, let’s get set for your startup journey!

One thing is certain, the business world moves fast and so do startups!

Among all the challenges a startup faces are: adaptability to new changes, a need to find the balance between organizing themselves as a team and be flexible enough to overcome obstacles in their business development. 

Agile teamwork and decision-making are therefore important best practices for young entrepreneurs to create sustainability in team organization and business. For this reason, one week after the launch of the first batch, Rakesh Kasturi held an “Agile” workshop to help the teams develop the right techniques and rituals to get ready for their entrepreneurial journey.  

In particular, this “Agile Starter Kit” considered 3 important aspects in a startup development, which are alignment and collaboration, self-organization and decision making, and emotional intelligence.

The learnings

  1. Established the core values and purposes of their team and business
  2. Learned principles of agile methodologies and how to apply them in their environment
  3. Understood Kanban and other agile tools
  4. Applied decision making principles in real cases
  5. Recognizes the importance of developing emotional intelligence in their startup journey with a few tips and tricks
Rakesh Kasturi

A few words about the coach

Rakesh Kasturi known as Sprintdoctor helps leaders in startups and larger organizations to  create a culture of collaboration using agile methods like the Google Design Sprints. His practice in both diagnostic and clinical has been peer-reviewed and tested at institutions such as Google, MIT, LinkedIn, and IBM.