And if we better talk?

And if we better talk?

Effective tools for communication in teams 

There are multiple benefits that can be obtained by just communicating appropriately within teams and groups. These can go from the maintenance of good interpersonal relations to the development and transparency of a business. In fact, communication allows people to cooperate better and overcome obstacles even in stressful  situations. 

As much as it sounds old fashioned,  good communication strategies help teams not just to define the short- and long-term goals but also the roles within the team to work in a synchronized and effective way. If we consider a startup, having good communication between team members makes the difference in terms of performance: alignment and clarity result in rapid execution and the capacity to confidently take on more tasks.

Therefore, on March 5th we kicked off a communication workshop so that the teams of the Incubator get the right vibe and collaborate in the right way for the nine months of the program.

Our coach Edo was the guide and facilitator for this day. His exercises – all backed by scientific research – were fun, effective and highly  interactive which led to great feedback among the participants. Also, with his methodology of “learning by doing”  he helped the teams to understand how to create a good teamwork environment even in close contact and under pressure, and get the focus needed for the startup journey.

A few words about the coach

Edoardo Binda Zane of EBZ Coaching is a communication and leadership trainer and consultant.  He provides team and leadership development workshops. His focus is enabling teams and leaders to operate better in dynamic contexts, and increasing their capability of generating value under pressure.