20 Founders were looking for a new home!

20 Founders were looking for a new home!

There are more than 140 coworking spaces in Berlin – some are huge with thousands of members, some are small and have a special sector focus. Which one would become our crib?

In December our incubator team visited close to 15 spaces. At the end we decided to set-up our own space. At Wöhlertstrasse 14 Рclose to Charite, the Federal Ministry of Health, the Health Innovation Hub and companies such as Bayer and fellow startups such as ADA Health, we found a new home.

A former shop, turned ground-floor apartment that housed a family of 4, became our new incubator hub. After 3 months of adding dry and glass walls, testing desks and couches, we moved in – just in time for the first cohort.

In the next years we will welcome all mentors, experts and coaches into our new space at Wöhlertstrasse 14 in Berlin-Mitte. With 25 desks, 4 small conference rooms, a spacious community kitchen, a green community backyard as well as strong WIFI Рwe are sure we will have a creative environment to innovate healthcare in Germany!

Stop by when in town!

Maren Lesche