Rare Disease day: GeneLinx, the startup redefining genetic counselling for the digital age

Rare Disease day: GeneLinx, the startup redefining genetic counselling for the digital age

February 29th is Rare Disease Day.

To raise awareness for the 300 million people worldwide living with a rare disease as well as their families and caretakers, we’re highlighting the groundbreaking work of our alumni GeneLinx.

GeneLinx is redefining genetic counselling for the digital age.

By partnering with key stakeholders and leveraging innovative solutions, they strive to ensure that everyone can access and utilize their genetic information to make informed health decisions, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and a healthier future for all.

“In the last year,” says GeneLinx founder and genetic counselor Alekhya Narravula, ”we have partnered with several Biopharma and CROs working with neurodegenerative diseases and lysosomal storage disorders.”

Recent advancements in the field of genetics like reduced costs of genetic testing, more clinical evidence and awareness, and acceptance of telehealth services have opened doors.

Additionally, with the growing number of FDA- and EMA-approved therapies for genetically-determined disorders, the integration of genetic/genomic testing into healthcare is becoming the norm.

Navigating this complex landscape, however, requires expertise — and this is where GeneLinx comes into the picture.

GeneLinx helps bridge the gap between healthcare and genetic information in three ways:

  • By supporting Biopharma and CROs (Contract Research Organization) in their studies and trials, facilitating rapid patient enrollment, education, and engagement to accelerate research and development of novel therapies for genetic diseases and increase access to approved drugs.
  • By empowering Clinics and Healthcare Organizations: GeneLinx offers streamlined genetic counseling services to help hospitals and clinics design and launch genomics programs at scale and reduce wait times to see a genetic counselor.

“We’re currently partnering with the genetics clinics at St. James Hospital on the implementation of an alternate digital pathway for individuals seeking genetic counseling and testing for cancer to reduce the waiting time from 2 years to under 6 weeks to see a genetic counselor.”

  • By engaging Employers and Insurances: Alekhya: “We collaborate with employers and insurance companies to integrate genetic wellness programs and support informed healthcare choices for their beneficiaries. We are currently helping an insurer develop a personalized genetic health risk assessment program to help their users take proactive steps towards their well-being.”

GeneLinx is dedicated to making genetic knowledge accessible and empowering everyone to unlock a healthier future. “We believe in revolutionizing lives,” emphasizes Alekhya, “through the power of genetics and building a more inclusive and informed healthcare landscape.”

How to get engaged

If your organization is considering setting up a genomics program or is looking to offer genetic testing, reach out to us at contact@gene-linx.com and we can help you get started.