So far, Vision Health Pioneers Incubator has supported 100 first-time entrepreneurs and invested more than 5 million euros in developing digital health solutions that tackle real-life problems in healthcare. 

Our 6th application phase happened in August to support more healthcare startups to start another 9-month journey with us. And out of 85+ applicants, 14 entrepreneurs & 6 teams convinced our jury of healthcare experts and conquered the multi-stage selection process of our incubator.

Since the beginning of this month, we have been busy at work welcoming them for our 6th Cohort at our crib at The Drivery. Some ice got broken on their first day with brunch and games as they got to know each other and what’s in store for their nine months with us. In the following weeks, they were introduced to Berlin’s healthcare ecosystem by Flavia Kruse from Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH and already presented their solutions to their mentors in a get-together at our studio, followed up by 1-1 sessions, drinks, and more.

Now it’s time to get to know them better!

Meet Our 6th Cohort

Team coobi – Digital support for addiction therapy

We aim to leverage digital biomarkers to evaluate resilience and forecast craving of individuals suffering from addiction. This enables us to provide timely interventions at crucial moments when support is most essential. Our methodology not only aids the patient throughout their recovery journey but also equips therapists with more objective data for effective treatment planning.

Team: Dr. Julian Kruse, Stephanie Roth, Paul Aretin, Manya Agarwal

Team AutoCast.AI – Improving the treatment of diabetic foot patients

Diabetic patients experience a number of complications while fighting the disease. One of them is diabetic foot, which might be experienced by 15-30% of patients. At AutoCast.AI we aspire to increase the efficiency of diabetic foot treatment. Our goal is to speed up the manufacturing process of Total Contact Cast by using 3D printing methods and a software that recommends how the cast should be designed.

Team: Martyna Jakubowska, Mateusz Dworak

Team mexb.ai – Creating a digital mental health ecosystem

mexb.ai has created a holistic approach to mental healthcare with Ora, our multilingual AI chatbot, at its core. Ora is purpose-built to provide personalized support, and our primary focus is on aiding companies in enhancing their employees’ well-being. Our AI chatbot plays a pivotal role by providing timely support and aiding individuals on their journey towards enhanced happiness and well-being.

Team: Meri Khazaradze, Kseniia Teslenko

Team Hope for Men – Professional online therapy for men dealing with sexual trauma

Research reveals that at least 1 in 6 men have had unwanted sexual experiences. Due to limited resources for male survivors and complicated processes to find a suitable therapist many men feel depressed and isolated. We will offer immediate access to a diverse pool of therapists, reducing waiting times and enhancing successful healing. 

Team: Tom Noam Garber, Petra Lehmann

Team StoneFree – Digital companion for kidney stone patients

StoneFree is a digital companion for kidney stone patients to decrease the risk of recurrence via habit change and biofeedback. It provides a personalized, day-by-day care plan that teaches you how to cope with your disease. The integrated urine analysis for biofeedback is unique as it provides patients with instant success measurement, boosting motivation to maintain behavioral change.

Team: Tom Noam Garber, Petra Lehmann

Team otters – Mental hygiene app developed to take care of our caretakers

Healthcare & social professionals are the backbone of our society. To tackle everyday’s challenges they need to be mentally strong, resilient and energized. Otters will be the joyful loyal companion through daily work life, supporting them with interactive & adaptable self-care plans, actionable work advice and proven mental & physical exercises.

Team: Pauline-Marie Bewerunge, Matinuch Ouyyamwongs

Curious to see how their entrepreneurial journey unfolds?

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