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Welcome to the first Vision Health Pioneers!

March 24, 2020Maren Lesche

More than 260 entrepreneurs applied - 19 founders made it into the first cohort of our incubation program!  We are happy to present to you eight teams that work on different solutions to innovate the German healthcare system in the future. 

sister is an app that creates personalized algorithms of the three main menstrual hormones and generates productivity patterns along with mental health approaches.

HERS is providing individualized 3D printed pessaries based on ultrasound imaging. Join HERS in transforming the treatment of women’s pelvic-floor conditions.

Biotikur's evidence-based regimens persistently improves long-term gut health. Biotikur combines oral and colorectal stages of probiotics and prebiotics for more effective delivery and long-term colonization.

CURE is an AI-powered GP online consultation solution that supports the decision making of the physicians by providing a seamless analytics and visualization solution on patients’ data. Built on the unique intersection of Telemedicine and Machine Learning, Cure provides a dependable digital twin for the patients, so they can take charge of their well-being.

Advosense is on a mission to transform geriatric care. Using innovative technology, Advosense is empowering clinicians to know when, where and how best to respond to their patients’ needs. Currently, Advosense is developing the next generation of disposable adult incontinence briefs.

mila is the space for mental health at work. mila changes the perception, establishes a culture of acceptance and offers individual support for employees.

My Paramedic is a mobile application for people suffering from chronic diseases and risks of loss of consciousness. AI analyzes vital signs read from smart wearable devices and whenever it detects a threat to life the app calls for help or notifies physicians.

MySkills is a companion app that supports people with mental disorders in their daily lives. The app is designed to alleviate symptoms by helping those affected to learn healthy, personal coping mechanisms during acute psychological crises.

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