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Warming up for Vision Health Pioneers

December 10, 2019Maren Lesche

A Recap of our first Breakfast with Partners, Supporter, Influencers and fellow Healthcare Founders in Berlin

On November 13, 2019, Vision Health Pioneers was officially launched with a full-house of healthcare leaders ready to partner with our new incubator. Let’s rock it!

Imagine you, starting your day with a fresh walk in the calm air of Berlin’s Tiergarten ready for a nice breakfast in the Brasserie atmosphere of the Teehaus at the English Garden. What more could anybody want? Now, open the door of the Teehaus. You are welcomed by a friendly "Good morning” along with a warm smile and coffee. Glasses are clinking, you feel cosy and… What a crew! 

40 healthcare key players participated in the kick-off breakfast of Vision Health Pioneers, happy to get together, discuss healthcare opportunities in 2020 — and more importantly: Celebrate the launch of a new program supporting early-stage ideas in Life Sciences in Berlin! Guests included organisations such as Pfizer Healthcare Hub, Fraunhofer Venture, Charité, Sandoz, Berlin Institute of Health, Sanofi, Fraunhofer MEVIS and more. 

The breakfast was a first milestone to build up a strong partner and supporter network for the first cohort of Vision Health Pioneers. All healthcare enthusiasts were willing to be part of our ambitious project and to support the program with mentoring and expertise sharing, access to laboratories and testing fields, and provision of resources.

What a wake-up! 

PS: Want to know more about our partner network? Contact our Head of Innovation, Joscha Hofferbert, at Joscha@visionhealthpioneers.de.

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