EaseMe Health

EaseMe Health

A proactive approach to chronic pain.

Chronic conditions like migraine, fibromyalgia and back pain take a massive toll on the life quality, relationships, and mental health of millions of people. More and more people suffer from these conditions, and seek effective solutions.


The psychological potential to manage physical pain is real but barely known where it’s most needed. That is why we want to turn science into accessible, effective, and fun products and help people break away from the shackles of constant pain.


The action-oriented and evidence-based products focus on three steps:


  • Accept the condition
  • Decrease pain amplifiers
  • Solve psychological pain


Therapy journals, courses, and personalized programs give people the information, encouragement, and exercises to reclaim the life they want. EaseMe Health means mind as much as body and stands for a long-lasting and coherent impact on people’s lives.