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Batch 1, let’s get set for your startup journey!

One thing is certain, the business world moves fast and so do startups! Among all the challenges a startup faces are: adaptability to new changes, a need to find the balance between organizing themselves as a team and be flexible enough to overcome obstacles in their business development.  Agile teamwork and decision-making are therefore important […]

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And if we better talk?

Effective tools for communication in teams  There are multiple benefits that can be obtained by just communicating appropriately within teams and groups. These can go from the maintenance of good interpersonal relations to the development and transparency of a business. In fact, communication allows people to cooperate better and overcome obstacles even in stressful  situations.  […]

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Welcome to the first Vision Health Pioneers!

More than 260 entrepreneurs applied - 19 founders made it into the first cohort of our incubation program!  We are happy to present to you eight teams that work on different solutions to innovate the German healthcare system in the future.  sister is an app that creates personalized algorithms of the three main menstrual hormones and generates […]

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Facts & Figures on our Applications

More than 260 entrepreneurs applied - 19 founders made it into the first cohort of our incubation program!   In total, we received applications from 31 countries including India, Spain, USA, UK, Poland, Russia and Italy.  40 teams made it into our short list. 15 jury members checked their applications thourougly. We scheduled final phone calls with […]

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20 Founders were looking for a new home!

There are more than 140 coworking spaces in Berlin - some are huge with thousands of members, some are small and have a special sector focus. Which one would become our crib? In December our incubator team visited close to 15 spaces. At the end we decided to set-up our own space. At Wöhlertstrasse 14 […]

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Warming up for Vision Health Pioneers

A Recap of our first Breakfast with Partners, Supporter, Influencers and fellow Healthcare Founders in Berlin On November 13, 2019, Vision Health Pioneers was officially launched with a full-house of healthcare leaders ready to partner with our new incubator. Let’s rock it! Imagine you, starting your day with a fresh walk in the calm air […]

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